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Animal rights speech by Salem Tawfeeq

Hi, my name is Salem.
Do you like animals? I do! I’ve chosen 3 reasons to talk about animal safety. 

My first reason is that animals should not suffer for days from blood loss, shock, dehydration, frostbite, gangrene, or attacked by predators when caught in cages. 

I have to say that animals are suffering from cages that are put down by farm industries so they can take the animals fur, but that can cause tremendous suffering for the animal which can cause injuries or causing the animal to die. For example, at least 10,000 seals were killed by being shot or getting hit by clubs till they die, they called that time the Annual Canadian Seal Slaughter. Also, in Canada hundreds of Black Bears are being shot from a far range so their hair can be trimmed off. 

My second reason is that fur might have toxins in it, which is one of the main sources of environment pollution. 

All in all, it is evident that when animal skin is removed it will rot unless it is treated with toxic chemicals. Let me illustrate to you that chromium and formaldehyde are the main substances used in the process to keep the real fur garments from rotting. What is likely to happen is that the fur farmers released these toxic wastes into the environment which can cause more pollution to it. Even though, toxins are used, natural fur must be cool and guarded. Which can waste at least 4 times more energy to produce it than a synthetic fur coat. So protecting the animal from being used will protect the environment and vice versa. 

My last and final reason is that there are a lot of chemicals in animal fur. 

Recent studies in Europe show there are harmful amounts of toxins on trimmed fur on children fashion and these toxins can be absorbed by human skin and can remain for over 20 years. Let 

me give you an example, in the process of conserving bleaching, and dying pelts, various hazardous chemicals are applied. These chemicals used by the farmers can cause serious health risks to the people who work in these farm industries according to an extensive international research. 

It only remains for me to say, animals should have more safety. It’s my firm belief that fur industries, and animal hunters should be stopped. An awareness campaign can be a great way to take action. 

Salem Tawfeeq

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