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Salem Tawfeeq

Another Heliophilic. His true passion for the outdoors is firmly rooted in the family. He likes to hike the mountains and exploring new trekking routes of the forests. Recently he got his scuba diving license by PADI. He loves to go paragliding as well, to see the nature from the eagle eyes.

He is interested in helping the world and all its creatures. He is in love with his semi professional camera photographing the wildlife and nature landscapes, "I will spend my life enjoying, exploring and saving the wildlife, all the way from the top of the sky to the bottom of the sea." - Salem Tawfeeq



The pledge

I am #TurnigTheTide


Lets Talk

Animal rights speech by Salem Tawfeeq

Hi, my name is Salem.
Do you like animals? I do! I’ve chosen 3 reasons to talk about animal safety. 

My first reason is that animals should not suffer for days from blood loss, shock, dehydration, frostbite, gangrene, or attacked by predators when caught in cages. 

I have to say that anim…

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